20mm Acrylic Free Standing Collage

20mm Acrylic Free Standing Collage


A free standing, 20mm thick acrylic block, 21cms x 21cms square in size. Personalised with 9 of your own images - digital photographs, physical photographs or a mixture of the two.

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20mm Acrylic Free Standing Block

A great way to get a collage into your home without having to put it up on a wall. The free standing nature of the block makes it easy to move around and offers endless possibilities of where you can put it. The thickness of the Acrylic adds vibrancy and life to your photographs. 9 images allows you to display a number of your photographs in a small space and enjoy them every day!

Click here for a few ideas of what to include in your collage!

Go to our How it Works page to get some more information on the Life in Squares process.

20mm Free Standing Life in Squares Acrylic Collage