In this day and age, the majority of our photographs are stored on computers or hidden away in boxes. Let yourself be transported back to special moments whenever you look at your collage. Here are a few examples of some great ways to personalise your own Life in Squares!



How can one photo typify all of the moments from your amazing day?

Nowadays wedding images live on CDs, mobile phones and computers, rarely being looked at. If they make it as far as an album, then this is usually stored away in a box hidden from view.

A Life in Squares collage is a great way to get your beautiful pictures up and onto the wall allowing you to appreciate them every day!

You can include photos from your engagement as well as your honeymoon - we can even include your wedding invitation, wedding cards and Order of Service!


"We love our Life In Squares wedding collage. A great company to deal with - such lovely people. It's probably the best thing we've bought and really brings back great memories from our wedding every time we walk past it! The pictures are so vivid and the design is wonderful!

We're so chuffed and we can't wait to get our next one!"

L & N Hickey, Surrey




Some of the best days of our lives and the best photographs we take are from our travels and holidays!

Compiling all these images together and into a Life in Squares allows you to re-live those moments every day. 

These pieces allow you to be as creative as you wish.  Photographs are the main content but plane tickets, hotel flyers and maps can also be included. This enables you to be transported back to those special moments every time you look at your Life In Squares.

Let us design and create unique artwork for your walls by using these amazing images that you travelled so far to take!


"We love looking at our picture(s!) everyday on our Life In Squares collage to bring back memories of a once in a lifetime trip and it sits proudly in our kitchen. We are expecting our first child any day , so we'll be coming back for another Life In Squares masterpiece in another couple of years! It really is a lovely product and a great service that you provide. Thank you!"

S Bloom, London




Our pets give us such happiness and joy over the years and form a large part of our family lives. They offer loyalty and friendship and have huge characters which we spend many moments capturing - what better way to display these images, than in a Life In Squares collage?

When our pets are sadly no longer with us we can create memorial pieces ensuring we never forget them.


"Just wanted to say thank you so much for our Life In Squares collage of our gorgeous dog, Molly. We are so pleased with it. It is such a talking point every time we have friends and family round. Love it, love it , love it!"

L & N, Oxford




All too often our beautiful old family photographs are hidden away in shoe boxes or in the attic rarely seeing the light of day. 

Sharing stories with our children and other family members helps us to connect with each other and to gain an understanding of where we all came from!

A range of old photos of very different shapes and sizes can all be included and will be skilfully edited. The contrast between these and more modern, digital images results in a tapestry of family life through the years.

Let us create a Life In Squares collage for you, ensuring that a visual and pictorial piece of artwork helps keep the stories alive.  


"Thank you very much for our Life in Squares picture we love it, you have done an amazing job putting it all together."

S Badwal, Uxbridge




If you are struggling to choose that one image to define your business, why not choose a Life In Squares to show the history and growth of your company from past to present day?

You can use pictures of staff members, products, projects, premises, logos and add wording where necessary.

Our 10mm acrylic range, with its robust fixings and wipe clean surface make it an ideal choice for busy waiting rooms and reception areas. 

What better form of artwork to immediately connect your customer to your product and business?


" I can't believe that you managed to make our accountants office look so interesting!"

AP, Birmingham




Sometimes you will have pictures that won't fit into any of our categories - but the eclectic nature of certain collections of photos warrant a whole category to themselves! Welcome to our 'Miscellaneous' gallery!

We have worked on LP covers, wedding card collections, house build and renovation projects, favourite golf courses, children's art work, restaurant business name but a few!

Let us create your Life In Squares collage from your quirky collections of memorabilia and provide you with a unique conversation piece for your wall!


"I just wanted to say thank you for the picture. Very impressed with the service and the end product."

M Foreman, Essex



Birthdays & Anniversaries

Life in Squares collages are the perfect gift when it comes to birthdays and anniversaries, each one unique and completely personal.

We have created birthday collages for 10 year olds through to 100 year olds, anniversary pieces for Silver, Ruby and Golden weddings - everybody loves them!


"Adam was absolutely thrilled with his Life in Squares! Thank-you for all your hard work and time         designing such a fantastic gift. We shall definitely be contacting you when it's our daughter's 21st!"

Mrs F, SW London


"My husband was delighted to get this collage for his 60th birthday. He's so difficult to buy for so I was thrilled to have a unique present for him. It's up in his study and he looks at it every day!"

G Grover, Sussex



Family & Friends

We all have collections of old family photos hidden away rarely seeing the light of day. School photos, holidays, weddings, pets and an assortment of memories handed down through the generations.

Why not capture some of these moments in one of our collages by compiling your own piece of history.


"My Mum sadly passed in October and my Dad a few years before. I have found so many wonderful pictures which bring back such happy memories. I'm so glad I came across you at the Ideal Home Show 2016. I now look at the photos and remember every day"

Lynn, Essex