Lifestyle in Squares - LET US capture you, your family & home


Lifestyle In Squares is our bespoke photography and artwork service whereby our creative director and photographer Julie will visit you for the day and photograph your home and the very essence of your everyday life.

Customers have commissioned these pieces for many reasons over the years - from downsizing and moving away from the family home (with all its inherent memories) to personalised and meaningful gifts for loved ones.

Possessions are photographed that you had forgotten you had and intricate details of larger objects are included creating a unique piece of artwork - a snapshot of your life.

We all keep our most precious and meaningful memories hidden away in drawers and cupboards - baby shoes, school drawings, wedding dresses, christening gowns and a whole host of treasured items. These will all be carefully photographed, for inclusion in your finished piece, along with detailed images of everyday objects that the whole family use on a daily basis - schoolbags, cookery books, cushions, loo handles, crockery, toys, fridge magnets, the aga...the list goes on!

Even the children will be photographed if they're around - not forgetting the cat and the dog! 

These high quality photographs will then be edited and compiled into a unique collection of 196 images, presented and mounted onto a 1m x 1m acrylic panel. 

You will also have copyright to the high resolution images taken during the day. The fee for this service is £1495.

The result is a colourful piece of art from a distance, but close up it is a unique and very personal record of your life, home and family - quite literally 'living art'.


"I was blown away by the very simple but effective concept of Life in Squares from the first moment I saw it. To then receive my very own piece of artwork totally personalised to me and my life at that point in time was incredible. The block has always held a prominent place in my home, from London to Dubai. I've had so many wonderful sentiments expressed by both family and friends. Julie and Mick effectively created a masterpiece which will always be treasured... Thank you."

Fiona, Dubai.