Life in Squares Collage

Life in Squares' concept was developed around the kitchen table in the French countryside. Upon leaving their family home, founders Julie and Mick wanted to take a piece of their beautiful home with them wherever they moved to. Photographer, Julie, and picture framer, Mick, decided to compile a piece of artwork that defined their lives; photos of their family home, old photographs & memories... 


Being creative, they always had plenty of images, but not wanting to overcrowd their house with photographs on every wall, Life in Squares was the perfect way to condense down all of the photos from over the years but keeping their quality and detail.


This project became a real piece of interest in their house and before they knew it they were getting commissioned to create collages for family and friends. 


Having always enjoyed photographs they found this a stylish, creative and space-efficient way of displaying and enjoying moments and memories from over the years.


The beauty lies in the craftsmanship and quality of every piece, all made in the UK.

Lifestyle in Squares Collage

With an eye for quality and craftsmanship, Julie and Mick took the time to source high quality materials and finishes to display their newfound idea.

The personal process of every order means that meticulous care is taken with every square; images are enhanced, repaired where needed, and arranged carefully to make each Life in Squares look its best. 

Their recent bespoke service, Lifestyle in Squares takes this into even further detail allowing you to have a real snapshot of your life made into a piece of art to have with you forever.