Life in Squares Collage

We are ‘Life in Squares’, a husband and wife team, who have been creating collages since since 2009.

We have a background in award-winning child portrait and wedding photography dating back to the days of the analogue era! This has given us a keen eye and a passion for photographic imagery.

Over the years, this love of photography resulted in a huge catalogue of family photographs - children growing up, travels, holidays and special times. An aversion to over-crowding walls and dotting lots of single framed photos around our home made Life in Squares a perfect solution. Photographs were condensed in size and cropped to square enabling large collections of our photos to be seen in one single piece - the detail and quality of each image was maintained and the resulting panel a stylish and space-efficient way to display our memories.

This project became a real piece of interest in our home and before we knew it we were getting commissions to create collages for family and friends. We first displayed our product ten years ago at Country Living Fair in Islington and have not looked back since!

We are now based in North Wales and when we’re not in the office designing collages we can generally be found up a mountain in Snowdonia.


All of our products are made in the UK, finished by hand and come with a 100% guarantee of quality

Lifestyle in Squares Collage

We live in an age where we are able to take more photographs than we ever have and due to the sheer volume we do less and less with them. Memories are not being reinforced due to this digital overload and photographs never become tangible. This is where we come in!

We can scan original paper photographs, children’s drawings and slides. Digital images can be uploaded through our website. We re-size all of the images so that we are able to get as many as 196 images onto a single 1mx1m panel. We edit each image individually, repairing and enhancing as we go. We then design the layout and send a digital proof for approval. Alterations can be made to the content and layout until a perfect result is achieved.

Your collage will be printed using archival inks and papers and can either be framed or mounted onto MDF or acrylic panels. As well as creating a beautifully finished, contemporary collage for your wall we are also creating a personal piece of artwork which will become more memorable as the years go by - an heirloom in the making!

Our recent bespoke service, Lifestyle in Squares will catalogue even more detail of the family home creating a real snapshot of your life. Quite literally - ‘living art’.